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Below the surface

With camera and models, I have dived under water and been below surface. There is
something seductive about water. Under water we are removed from our normal existence.
Otherworldly. A magic kind of world. The mood is tuned inwards, languid, meditative,
weightless, and simultaneously I experience a sense of play and velocity.
The sounds become muffled, you can hear your your own pulse, the humming in
your ears. This consumes me, and this is what I seek to communicate.

Work under water is demanding. All directions must be given between dives. An increases
number of models involved in the process in front of the camera, further complicated the
matter. However the kids I have used as models were fabulous. With their endurance,
patience and ability to consentrate, they made it possible for me to fulfill my dreams.
In the world of these images, they look like they belong down there, under the surface.

The images were shown as transperants and c-Prints at Vestfold Kunstnersenter in Tønsberg
( Norway ), Galleri F15 ( Norway ), Oslo Kunstforening and Christian Dam Galleri in Copenhagen
in the periode 2000 – 2002. The series were also shown at several group-exhibitions and
published in a number of magasins and books.

The images are represented in public and private collections.

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